Online Candidate Filing

At 9 a.m. of the first day of filing, the Online Candidate Filing portal will open.

candidate filing button Opens in new windowUse this button to enter the Online Candidate Filing Portal. For best results, use a PC or laptop with Google Chrome or MS  Edge. Internet Explorer is not                                                                                                              recommended.

log in candidate

Step 1: Sign In

Enter your information and click Login to locate your voter registration record. 

If you need to update your voter registration, do so at before you file a Declaration of Candidacy.

create new candidate

Step 2: Candidate Portal

Select the Create New button to begin your declaration.

select district typeStep 3: Office

You are responsible for meeting all qualifications and filing for the correct office.

To select the office for which you desire to file a Declaration of Candidacy we must first find the office. Start by selecting the district type.

list of offices availble

A complete list of offices available to you within that type will appear below. Select the Start button next to your office of choice. 

Step 4: Contact Information

All candidate information is public information and will be publicly available.

contact information

A — Candidate Information

The portal will automatically populate your voter registration address and mailing address. If this is incorrect, stop here and contact your county elections office to update your voter registration before proceeding.

Section 1 — Ballot Name

Enter your ballot name exactly as you wish it to appear on the ballot. You may use a nickname by which you are commonly known as for your first name, but the last name must be the name under which you are registered to vote. 

Titles denoting occupations, including military rank, positions on issues, political affiliation, symbols, or anything intentionally designed to mislead voters are not acceptable and will be removed prior to placement on the ballot or in the Voters’ Pamphlet.

Section 2 — Contact Information (for administration)

Provide an official candidate email and phone number for direct communication with the filing office. We will use this email address to send confirmations of receipt, notice of approval, Voters’ Pamphlet submission links, and direct emails from our office.

Section 3 — Campaign Contact Information (for voters)

You may provide an alternative campaign email and phone number for voters. This optional field allows you to display an alternative method of contact different from your candidate contact. They may be the same if you wish.

We strongly recommend that you provide a campaign email address, phone number, and website for publication. This information is displayed on the Who’s Filed Candidate List and printed in the statewide Voters’ Pamphlet.

Section 4 — Campaign Mailing Address

For online display on the Who's Filed Candidate List and Online Voters' Guide, you may choose to display a campaign address instead of your voter registration address.   You may not use government offices for campaign or candidate information.

Section 5 — Party Preference

Nonpartisan offices will not provide a party preference.

If you are filing for a partisan office, you may state the party name you prefer using 18 characters or less.  The first letter of each word of the party preference will be capitalized (example: Progress For All). Acronyms or initialisms will appear in all caps with or without periods. 

You may not edit your party preference after the deadline for withdrawal of candidacy. Your party preference will appear on the ballot and in the Voters’ Pamphlet.  If you choose not to state a party preference, select the checkbox next to that option. “States No Party Preference” will print.  Party preference plays no role in determining how candidates are elected to public office.  Party preference is entirely your decision and does not imply you have been nominated, endorsed, or approved by the party.

Step 5: Summary

Review your information before you continue.


Read and affirm the oath of declaration:

“I declare that the information submitted is true, that I am a registered voter residing at the address listed, that I am a candidate for the office listed, and that, at the time of filing this declaration, I am legally qualified to assume office.

 I swear, or affirm, that I will support the Constitution and laws of the United States, and the Constitution and laws of the State of Washington.”



Step 6: Payment

Your declaration is incomplete until the required filing fee is paid.

All filing fees are non-refundable.

Enter your payment information and click Submit & Pay to complete the filing.

summary step7

Step 7: Final Summary

A final summary shows the information submitted to the filing office and provides receipt of payment.

Click Candidate Portal to return to Step 2 to see your filing status.

Screenshot of submitted filing below (Step 2).

submitted filing


Your candidate email address will receive auto-generated emails from the VoteWA system as well as direct communication with Douglas County Elections office. These do not go to the campaign email address displayed online for voters.

You can expect these auto-generated emails approximately 15–30 minutes after specific actions by you or the filing office staff.

Email SubjectReason
Declaration of Candidacy ReceivedCandidate submits declaration.
Declaration of Candidacy Approved
Filing office approves the Declaration of Candidacy.  This could take several hours for the official to review your information.
Candidate Filing Notification
After another candidate files for the same race.
Voters' Pamphlet please submit your profile
Filing office approves the Declaration of Candidacy. This email contains your unique Voters’ Pamphlet submission link.
Voters' Pamphlet profile received
Candidate submits profile.

It may take up to two weeks for staff to review and accept your profile. Once staff has accepted your Voters' Pamphlet profile, you will receive an email. If necessary, our office will contact you directly through your candidate email to resolve issues. For Voters Pamphlet Profile instructions please click here.