As Jurisdictions in Douglas County, each City/Town listed below have decided to participate in a Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan. Therefore, each City/Town does not have a separate Solid Waste Management Plan, but rather each jurisdiction within Douglas County has decided to adopt a county wide plan.

City of Bridgeport

Mayor: Janet Conklin
Email Janet Conklin
City Clerk: Christian Solorio

Phone: 509-686-4041
Fax: 509-232-3370

City of Bridgeport Contact Information

City of East Wenatchee Website

City of East Wenatchee

Mayor: Jerrilea Crawford
City Clerk: Maria Holman
Email Maria Holman

Phone: 509-886-6103
Fax: 509-886-6233

City of East Wenatchee Contact Information

Town of Mansfield Website

Town of Mansfield
Email the Town of Mansfield

Mayor: Tom Snell
Town Clerk: Tricia Sima

Phone: 509-683-1112

City of Rock Island Website

City of Rock Island

Mayor: Randy Agnew
Deputy Clerk: James Zumini

Phone: 509-884-1261
Fax: 509-886-0569

City of Rock Island Contact Information

Town of Waterville Website

Town of Waterville

Mayor: Jill Thompson
Deputy Clerk: Erica Stoddard
Email Erica Stoddard

Phone: 509-745-8871
Fax: 509-745-8782

Town of Waterville Contact Information