Recycle Right

Reduce.. Reuse.. Recycle..

Knowing and practicing these 3 simple rules will help aid you in recycling the proper way. And it will help ensure your items are being recycled and reused for a better purpose. 

✔Recycle bottles, cans, paper and cardboard✔

 ✖Keep food and liquids out of your recycling✖

✖No loose plastic bags and no bagged recyclables✖

You’d be amazed how big an impact just following these simple rules can have! 

Let's talk about what CAN go into your curbside Waste Management blue bin and HOW.

  • Clean paper and cardboard
    • Flattened cardboard (limit 2x2), newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, paperback books, mail (plastic window envelopes ok), paper bags, food boxes
    • NO food soiled or wet paper (greasy pizza boxes)
    • NO shredded paper (it is difficult to separate and it gets caught in machine)
  • Paper food containers
    • Empty and clean paper cups, cartons, and boxes
    • Nothing plastic lined (hot coffee cups) or waxy (frozen food like ice cream cartons)
  • Aluminum and tin cans
    • Cans need to be empty and rinsed clean
  • Plastics
    • ONLY PETE#1 and HDPE#2 plastics (each item is labeled)
    • Bottle with screw off lids preferred, clear or opaque green ONLY.
    • DO NOT put small plastic lids in the recycling, they should be thrown away.

Let's talk about things you DO NOT place in your curbside bin.

  • Glass
  • Plastic grocery bags & plastic wraps
    • Recycle grocery bags & plastic wraps at local grocery stores.

Remember, it's up to you to Start Smart and Recycle Right!

Start Smart

Think before you buy

Choose recyclable packaging

Reuse it, if possible

Recycle Right

Know what can be recycled

Know where it can be recycled

Clean before putting in the bin

If you have questions on where to recycle, visit the Waste Wizard 

or call Douglas County Solid Waste at: 509-886-0899.