How is my utility service charge calculated?

The utilities’ rate structure is based upon the amount of impervious surface area within each parcel or equivalent service units (ESU). A service charge of $45 per ESU, per year shall be levied against each developed parcel within the service area. The following are examples of how ESUs are calculated and applied within the service area:

  • Single family residence: 1 ESU
  • Duplex: 1 ESU
  • Tri-plex / Four-plex: 2 ESUs
  • For all other parcels, the number of ESUs is equal to the total square feet of impervious surfaces divided by 2750 square feet. (2750 square feet is the approximate surface area of an average residential rooftop and driveway)
  • No developed parcel shall contain less than 1 ESU
  • Undeveloped parcels do not contain ESUs
  • Douglas County and East Wenatchee pay for their impervious areas, including streets, roads, trails, and parking lots


  1. Qualified low-income senior citizens and disabled persons may be eligible for a discount
  2. In addition storm water facilities designed to accept runoff may be eligible to receive a storm water utility credit

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1. How is my utility service charge calculated?
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