What should I spray my noxious weeds with?

It will depend on what noxious weeds you have, their stage of growth and other site-specific variables. Please contact Washington State University (WSU) Extension for more information on herbicides. Remember to always follow the label directions when applying herbicides.

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1. What are noxious weeds?
2. How is a plant designated as a noxious weed?
3. I have some weeds growing on my property and I am not sure if they are noxious or not. Can someone come look at them and tell me what they are and how to get rid of them?
4. What do I do if my neighbor has weeds and isn't doing anything about them?
5. What agency controls weeds on the County's right-of-ways?
6. What should I spray my noxious weeds with?
7. Why are noxious weeds considered a material defect to my property?
8. How do I get a pesticide license?
9. Will mowing alone control my noxious weeds?
10. I'm not going to worry about my seeds and let nature take it course and leave my land "natural."
11. I don't want to spray my weeds because herbicides are very toxic and will remain in the soil where they are sprayed.