What do I tell my children about this offender?

Don’t tell them the scary details about the crimes. Keep information general, as it may protect them from others who would harm them. The goal is that your child is educated about being safe from everyone including strangers, acquaintances, or family members who would victimize them.

Basic Do’s & Don’t Regarding Your Child’s Safety

  • Don’t accept a ride from anyone you do not know.
  • Have a code word your children will remember. Teach them what to do if someone who does not know the code word tries to give them a ride
  • Don’t allow your children to go into the home or yard of the offender, or any stranger.
  • Make sure your child knows who to tell if a stranger offers them toys, money, or gifts
  • Teach your children to play with others and in groups when they can
  • Your children should call 911 if you aren’t home and they are approached by a stranger.

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6. What do I tell my children about this offender?
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