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Douglas County Solid Waste Survey

  1. We want to hear your suggestions for improving service at Douglas County Solid Waste Recycling Facilities and Trailers. 

  2. Please answer the following questions, and include any additional comments in the space below.

  3. 1. What facility or trailer did you visit?*
  4. If there was staff, was the staff courteous and helpful?
  5. Were recycling instructions clear?
  6. Was the facility/trailer well maintained & clean?
  7. Were areas well marked?
  8. Was there adequate recycling?
  9. Do you have any unusual waste to dispose of that we don't currently take?
  10. Are you aware of our Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events?
  11. Are you aware of our Tire Collection Events?
  12. Are you aware of our Free Waste Disposal Day?
  13. I am in:
  14. Contact information (optional):
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