Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

A Geographic Information System (GIS) allows users to create, manipulate, analyze, and display digital geographic or geospatial data, and related data tables. It is used to track and evaluate locations of real world features and events, as well as, how they change over time by analyzing proximity, density, quantity, patterns, and more. The ability to rapidly query and analyze the GIS data speeds customer service and supports decision-making.


Douglas County's GIS data and maps are intended for general information only. Douglas County makes no statement regarding the completeness or accuracy of the County’s GIS data and maps, including tax parcel boundaries & numbers, the location & classification of roads and road rights-of-way, political boundaries, et. al. Mapped roads and road rights-of-way may not be improved or open to public use. Please consult multiple accurate sources of information to prevent the risk of trespass.

Douglas County and its employees cannot issue opinions regarding the condition of title, legal description, physical condition, and location of any private properties or private roads. In order to verify the completeness and accuracy of the information, then official records for plats and surveys should be examined, the property physically inspected, and a professional opinion obtained. 

Douglas County GIS Data and Maps

Douglas County's GIS Department is a division of the Transportation and Land Services Department. The GIS Department creates and maintains digital geographic data to support the County’s departments and taxpayers. The Department is focused on offering the highest quality GIS information and services to its internal and external clients. 

All of the County's published GIS data is in NAD 1983 State Plane Washington North Zone FIPS 4601 feet.

The Department offers a range of GIS data and maps available for download, to search, and for use. These include:

  • Download shapefile GIS data and imagery from Douglas County’s file transfer protocol (FTP) site. Data available for download include: tax parcels, roads, addresses, elections, planning & zoning layers, and more. Here are PDF instructions for accessing the County’s FTP.
  • Search the database for recorded Surveys, Short Plats, or Plats.
  • Search the Assessor’s Office Parcels database.
  • Search the Interactive Web Map for information on parcels, roads, land use planning, zoning, and more. 
  • Search the Interactive Elections Web Map for information on ballot drop box locations, voting precincts, election districts, and more.
  • Search the Road Restrictions Interactive Web Map for information on road closures, bridge restrictions, and vehicle weight restrictions.
  • View the PDF Reference Maps page for maps of Animal Control boundaries, Election boundaries, Emergency Services – Fire Department boundaries, Land Services / Planning boundaries, and Transportation / Roads.

More Douglas County GIS Services

In addition to maps and GIS data, the Division provides a variety of other services for unincorporated Douglas County. These include:

If you have any questions, please contact the GIS department.