ZOOM Policy

A.   Criminal Arraignments/Probation Violation First Appearances:

Zoom Allowed:

Only the JUDGE can grant a request for a Zoom appearance at criminal or probation violation arraignments.  A request for a Zoom appearance must be received by the Court at least 24 hours prior to the hearing.  The request must establish a manifest need for a Zoom appearance which is more than general convenience.  

Zoom Not Allowed:

For new DUI or DUI type cases, or new DV type cases Zoom is NOT allowed.

For BW quash hearings Zoom is NOT allowed.


B.   Criminal Law and Motion Calendar/Probation Hearings:

Zoom Allowed:

Defendant and/or Attorney have met the Court’s Zoom policy and expectations set forth below.

Zoom Not Allowed:

Change of Plea/Sentencing hearings, Stipulated Order of Continuance hearings, Deferred Prosecution hearings, Contested Probation hearings or Probation Disposition hearings, or other case dispositions.


Zoom Policy and Expectations:

Douglas County District Court is an “in-person” Court.   The Court’s expectation is that all defendants and all attorneys should personally appear for all required court hearings unless excused by applicable court rule.  Zoom appearances may be allowed by the Court as an exception to this policy.  The court CLERK may approve Zoom appearances for attorneys and defendants, subject to A and B above, if the following criteria and rules have been met. 

1.  Attorney or Defendant have made a request to the Court at least 24 hours prior to the hearing by motion, letter or 


2.  Attorney and/or Defendant:

A. Reside more than 75 miles from the courthouse, OR have established a manifest need to appear by Zoom,

     which is more than general convenience (i.e. injury or illness, unavoidable schedule conflict, loss of

     transportation); and

B.  Attorney and/or Defendant conduct the hearing from the same location (attorney’s office), or defendant is

     at a separate location, and:

                        i. The location is a residence or other building (not a vehicle); and

                        ii. The location is quiet and free of interruptions;

3.  Attorneys shall wear professional business attire; Defendants shall be properly dressed consistent with the 

    Court’s established dress policy;

4.  Defendant is not eating, drinking or smoking during the hearing;

5.  Defendant is sitting upright on a chair or couch during the hearing.   Participants shall NOT drive or be a 

     passenger in a vehicle while attending the Zoom hearing;

6.  Defendant has established Wi-Fi or phone data to provide simultaneous video and audio capabilities during the 


7.  Defendant, or someone assisting defendant, has sufficient skills to use the technology to conduct the Zoom 


8.  Attorney and/or Defendant connect to the Court’s Zoom hearing waiting room at least 5 minutes prior to the 

     starting time of the hearing or calendar;

9.  Upon entering the Zoom video conference, all participants shall remain the Zoom waiting room until admitted into 

     the hearing by the Court.   When connecting to the meeting use your first and last name as your screen name;

10.  Attorney and/or Defendant shall not leave the Zoom waiting room until the Court recesses or their case has 

       been addressed and completed;

11.  Attorney and/or Defendant shall place their device on mute and shall remain muted until their case has been 

      called by the Court; and

12.  If Attorney and/or Defendant is unable to connect by BOTH audio and video when their case is called by the 

       Court, their case will automatically be continued to the next available calendar.  It shall be the Defendant’s and 

       Attorney’s responsibility to contact the Court for the new court date.  No notice will be issued by the Court.