First Line of Service

The Patrol Division encompasses the largest and most visible function of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. It is our first line of service to the citizens of Douglas County and as such, our most important asset. All other divisions of the Sheriff's Office are designed to support the Patrol Division. The Patrol Division is staffed by 23 patrol deputies, 3 patrol corporals and 3 patrol sergeants. Together these men and women provide patrol and emergency law enforcement services to the County 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The Patrol Division patrols and responds to all calls for service within the unincorporated areas of Douglas County as well as providing Law Enforcement services to the cities of Waterville, Bridgeport, Rock Island and Mansfield through our contract law enforcement program. Contracting for Law Enforcement allows these cities to maintain local control and identity and save significant money through the economies of scale, providing their citizens with a larger and more experienced law enforcement agency, with greater resources than these cities could normally afford.

Core Values

Protecting our County, its communities and citizens from injury, danger or loss is our top priority. We strive to do this in a respectful manner based on our core values of Dedication, Commitment and Service. Each Deputy Sheriff is empowered to respond to the best of their ability to the problems of our citizens. The citizens are our customers, and service is our product.

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Responsibilities & Functions

Patrol Deputies are responsible for a variety of functions within the Sheriff's Office including:

  • Airport Security: The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is solely responsible for the security at Pangborn Airport. A Deputy Sheriff is always present during commercial flight operations and we operate regular security patrols on the airport grounds
  • Civil Process: Although the Chief Civil Deputy is responsible for the Civil Division of the Sheriff Office it falls to the Patrol Division to deliver civil papers and enforce civil process throughout the County
  • Crime Scene Team: All of our deputies are trained in the preservation and collection of evidence. The Crime Scene Team is comprised of deputies specifically trained to process major crime scenes
  • District Patrol: Each of our deputies is expected to patrol the 1820 square miles of Douglas County on a regular basis. Our deputies are intimately familiar with their area of patrol so they can respond quickly and recognize when things are amiss. Patrol is a time tested and important part of crime suppression
  • HazMat / Meth Lab Response Team
  • K-9
  • Marine Patrol: We patrol the waters of the Columbia River from Grand Coulee Dam to Crescent Bar. We are able to purchase boats, equipment, supplies and pay for manpower through a yearly grant by the Washington State Parks Department
  • Prisoner Transport: The Sheriff's office is responsible for the incarceration and transport of prisoners held on felony charges in Douglas County. We are partners with Chelan County Regional Justice Center and Okanogan County Jail
  • East Cascade SWAT Team: From time to time our deputies need the support of a specialized tactical response to insure their safety and the safety of the citizens. That job falls to the East Cascade SWAT Team (ECSWAT). The ECSWAT Team is comprised of members from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, Chelan County Sheriff's Office, East Wenatchee Police Department, and Wenatchee Police Department. The members of the ECSWAT have specialized equipment and training that allows them to resolve these situations safely and efficiently
  • Traffic Enforcement and Accident Investigation: Each year millions of dollars are lost and people are seriously injured and killed in traffic accidents. A traffic accident is more likely to negatively impact our citizens than any other event. We aggressively enforce traffic laws in an effort to mitigate this negative impact, making a special effort toward DUI and school zone traffic enforcement