Unlawful Issuance of Bank Check

This page was created to assist persons who would like to pursue a criminal investigation of Unlawful Issuance of Bank Check (UIBC).

To successfully prosecute a UIBC case the investigating Deputy will need to establish that at the time the person wrote the check, the person knew that he or she did not have sufficient funds in, or credit with, the bank to cover the check upon it's presentation for cashing. It would be helpful for you to review the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 9A.56.060.

The investigating Deputy will need to request certain information from the financial institution on the check. The Deputy will request that information under the authority of RCW 30.22.240.

Complete Before Your Request

Before the Deputy can make that request you must do the following:

  • Present the check for payment on two or more occasions
  • Send a demand for payment letter to the account holder
  • The demand letter must meet the requirements of RCW 62A.3-520
  • We have provided a sample demand letter below
  • Allow fifteen days from the date the demand letter is postmarked for the check to be paid

You must have already done all of the items on this list before you may file a UIBC report!

Things the Deputy Will Need

If you have completed all of these requirements then you may file a crime report. The investigating Deputy will need to take actual physical custody of the check at the time of your report and they will need to know when and where the check was uttered, that is, where you were at the time you actually received the check:

  • If you were in the city limits of East Wenatchee then you will need to file the report with the East Wenatchee Police Department; call 509-884-9511 for more information
  • If you were within Douglas County outside of the city limits of East Wenatchee, then you will file the report with the Douglas County Sheriff; call 509-884-1535 for more information